Fairchild Books Interior Design Library - Usage Statistics

Usage Statistics

Bloomsbury Digital Resources platforms provide usage statistics to customers in accordance with the COUNTER Code of Practice.

COUNTER 4 and COUNTER 5 reports are available to subscribing institutions via our Administrator Portal (username and password required). If you need a username and password please contact us.

Subscribing institutions can also use our SUSHI service for automated retrieval of COUNTER 5 usage statistics. Please contact us to request your credentials and information on using this service.

For COUNTER 5, the following reports are available:

  • Platform Master report – PR
  • Platform Usage – PR_P1
  • Title Master Report – TR
  • Book Requests (excluding "OA_Gold") – TR_B1
  • Book Access Denied – TR_B2
  • Book Usage by Access Type – TR_B3

About COUNTER 5 Statistics

The COUNTER Code of Practice is the industry-standard format for usage reporting of electronic resources. Bloomsbury products are COUNTER-compliant. Release 5 is the current Code of Practice and the requirement for COUNTER compliance. For more information about COUNTER please visit Release 5 of the Code of Practice in full on the COUNTER website.