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July 2021

Interior Design Materials and Specifications, 4e 

By Lisa Godsey

  • This is your complete guide to the selection of materials for interiors. This book teaches students how to choose the best possible materials for a project, considering things like building codes, sustainability, usage, etc.
  • This new edition includes updated case studies, a new chapter of a smart materials “on the horizon”, and dispersing information on laminate products into their materials chapters as it become a main type in interior design.
  • Ancillaries include self-assessment quizzes and flashcards in the student facing STUDIO and PowerPoints and an Instructor’s Guide in the Instructor’s Resources.

Replaces Interior Design Materials and Specifications, 3e, by Lisa Godsey (9781501317620) on the platform

Estimating and Costing for Interior Designers, 2e 

By Diana Allison

  • This book teaches Interior Designers how to properly calculate not only how much of a material they will need for a project but to put together budget estimates for the overall project and share this information with their clients.
  • The new edition of this book includes many new pedagogical features such as learning objectives, key terms, chapter summaries, imperial and metric units, professional tips, and glossary. All the math examples have also been updated.
  • This is the first edition with ancillary materials including: calculation worksheets, schedules/cost worksheets, practice examples, and flashcards in the student-facing STUDIO and revised instructor’s guide, test questions, additional practice exercises and answers, PowerPoints lecture slides, and Excel worksheets in the Instructor Resources.

Replaces Estimating and Costing for Interior Designers, 1e, by Diana Allison (9781501371479) on the platform

Color Plus Design, 3e

By Ron Reed

  • The purpose of this book is to show how color and design, when used together, can organize any space around a theme or focal point, provide harmony or contrast, and avoid common color mistakes in a variety of residential and commercial interiors. It also shows how different cultures around the world use color in their designs.
  • New features to this edition include a new chapter on color and health, explaining how color affects human perception, emotions, illnesses, and misconceptions. There are also new end of chapter exercises and updated art examples.
  • Ancillary materials include flashcards, self-assessment quizzes, additional exercises and activities in the student-facing STUDIO and PowerPoint slides, instructors guide, and test bank in the Instructor Resources.

Replaces Color Plus Design, 2e, by Ron Reed (9781501316814) on the platform

Digital Drawing for Designers, 2021

By Douglas R. Seidler

  • This is your step-by-step guide on how to use the AutoCAD software to draw floorplans and sketches digitally, helping interior designers translate their visions for their clients in a digital way.
  • Updates to this edition include showing the functionality of the newest version of the software and app and integrates metric system for measurements.
  • A companion website with extra examples, tips, and tools is also available.

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