MARC Records and KBART Files

Please use the links below to download a complete set of MARC records or KBART files (when appropriate) for Fairchild Books Interior Design Library.

MARC Records

We currently provide MARC21 records for book titles. MARC records are supplied as .mrc files. These are full RDA-compliant records in MARC21 format, and they include Library of Congress Subject Headings, book summaries, tables of contents, accessibility information, related ISBNs and DOI-based persistent URL links. We recommend that you use MARCEdit to open our MARC records. You can find more detail on this here

MARC RecordsNumber of RecordsLast Updated
Fairchild Books Interior Design Library68July 2021


KBART (Knowledge Bases and Related Tools NISO RP-9-2014) is a recommended practice of NISO (National Information Standards Organization) —which is intended primarily for serial and monograph titles to improve the interactions between knowledge base providers, content providers, and publishers in order to provide higher quality data and linking. 

We have KBART files available for all our eBook only collections. The KBART files are in Tab Delimited Text format as specified by KBART recommendations. Please note that if the tab-delimited file is opened in Excel, some formatting may be modified by Excel. To reformat the dates in the Excel file: Format > Cells > Date > select format YYYY-MM-DD.

KBART RecordsNumber of RecordsLast Updated
Fairchild Books Interior Design Library68September 2021